Analoge Nachzügler

Endlich habe ich mal wieder Filmrollen entwickelt. Die Fotos stammen teilweise noch aus 2016, aber das Warten hat sich für mich auf jeden Fall gelohnt. Hier sind sie:

Alle meine Fotos gibt es übrigens hier.

Photos from the Netherlands

This country has so much more to offer than tulips, mediocre football and wooden shoes… I could only capture a few impressions of the beautiful sailing trip I went on. An experience I can only recommend – maybe it becomes apparent why in the following photos. Enjoy 🙂

Photos from Portugal!

Ferragudo, Algarve, to be exact 🙂

Music and Photos :)

Well, it´s been a time since my last post, and I´ve used that time to, apart from other things, make some music again. Here it is:

Interstellar Control Unit

Right-Click to Save (Smartphones: Long Tap)

Also, I took a ton of photos, of which I picked a few to put them on here:

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day 🙂

Photos from Vienna!

I´ve been in Vienna for a day and I can highly recommend it to anyone who´s searching for a holiday destination. There´s incredibly much to see and all the people are friendly. Only the coffee is way to expensive.
Anyway, I´ve taken some nice photos which you can see below.