A really good WhatsApp alternative

With all those rumors going around of Whatsapp getting unsafe (As if it wasn´t before Facebook bought it…) I´ve been thinking of switching to a different messenger. At first I considered Telegram, but decided against it because it´s actually quite vulnerable to attacks, so it isn´t safer than WhatsApp at all (At least at the moment).

After some searching I found out about TextSecure  which I
decided to choose immediately. It´s just like WhatsApp, but:

1. It´s safe

Textsecure encrypts all the messages you send super safe so nobody can read them even if he hacks the server. And it doesn´t even take longer to receive a message than it would with any other program!

2. It´s more convenient

TextSecure doesn´t only let you chat with your contacts – you can send SMS with it as well. You won´t even notice the difference as it switches between the two options automatically, depending on whether you have W-LAN or not. Of course, you can disable the SMS function if you don´t have a flatrate.

Basically, TextSecure is SMS and Whatsapp in one application , and it´s super secure which makes it the best messaging app available in the market for me.
If you think you know a better app, let me know in the comments! I´d appreciate it 😉

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