Another Electro Track…

Well, I was messing around with LMMS (which is by th way a great program for this kind of stuff) again and here´s the result:

Nice Electro

Right-Click to save (on Smartphone: Long Tap)

I think it´s a bit better than the first one (still not fantastic, of course … I´m learning, okay?). Feel free to use it for whatever you want. If you like it, why not share it with some friends? They might as well 🙂


PS: Wait for the middle, it´s quite catchy ^^

A really good WhatsApp alternative

With all those rumors going around of Whatsapp getting unsafe (As if it wasn´t before Facebook bought it…) I´ve been thinking of switching to a different messenger. At first I considered Telegram, but decided against it because it´s actually quite vulnerable to attacks, so it isn´t safer than WhatsApp at all (At least at the moment).

After some searching I found out about TextSecure  which I
decided to choose immediately. „A really good WhatsApp alternative“ weiterlesen